In-home Consultations

In-Home Nutrition Counseling, Kimberly Higgins, RD

Nutrition Consultation at Home

Our environment plays a significant role in how we relate to food. Everything from what we stock in our pantry to what’s stored on our kitchen counters, even which items occupy the middle shelf of our fridge, can affect our intake and ultimately, our waistlines.

I will show you how to set up your environment to make it easier to eat healthy foods, avoid temptations and slim down. In-home consultations are an easy way to learn how to make small changes in your space and habits that can bring big results.

Additionally, any nutrition counseling can be done at your home, upon request. Please call to inquire.

Personalized Cooking Instruction

Looking for tasty and healthful dishes that appeal to your busy family? Would you like to learn techniques to feed your family wholesome meals while saving time and money?

Home cooking is the best way to serve economical and healthy food. As a dietitian and trained chef I can help you create meal plans customized to your families tastes and work with you in the kitchen to build your repertoire of skills to help streamline mealtime.