Food Nutrition Education Counseling Services

Food Nutrition Education Counseling Services Registerd Dietitian Carroll County MD

A complete array of food nutrition education counseling services are available for individuals and groups focusing on wellness, performance and healthy eating.

Individual Counseling

We will work together to craft an eating plan that addresses your concerns. Troubled by excess weight, belly discomfort, food allergies, a medical diagnosis with nutritional implications, or all of the above will be covered. We will develop a customized program tailored specifically for you. We will work with (not against) your unique personality, preferences, lifestyle and physiology. As you combine strategic eating with techniques to help you navigate a new path with food, you will find success and achieve your goals.

Nutrition for Performance

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior with some serious goals, strategic nutrition is imperative to taking your performance to the next level. Crafting your eating plan to the demands of your sport, your physiology and your goals will enable you to optimize your competitive advantage!

Group Education & Workshops in Food and Nutrition

For organizations, corporations, institutions, small businesses; we bring in-house training to your location, showcase food and nutrition, and promote a healthy lifestyle. This is a great benefit to add to your employee benefit’s package. Give your employees and guests the tools they need to develop a healthy lifestyle. A customized food, nutrition, education counseling services workshop will be developed to meet your specific needs. Discussions include topics such as the making wise food choices, the nutritional values of various foods, healthy recipes your family will love, shopping tips, and increasing activities.

In-home Consultation

Our environment plays a significant role in how we relate to food. Everything from what we stock in our pantry to what’s stored on our kitchen counters is important. Even which items occupy the middle shelf of our fridge can affect our intake, and ultimately, our waistlines.

I will show you how to set up your environment to make it easier to eat healthy foods, avoid temptations, and slim down. In-home consultations are an easy way to learn how to make small changes in your space and habits while bringing big results.

Please note that in-home consultations are only available to clients currently under my care.

Contractual Writing, Recipe Development, Education

Do you need informative articles on nutrition developed on a timely basis? Would you like custom developed original recipes that highlight featured ingredients or showcase local foods? Call today and schedule an appointment. I will provide a comprehensive nutrition education while encouraging consumption of fresh, in-season ingredients and produce items.

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